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Hi Everyone,

My name is Becca and I am chornically ill. I love writing so I figured that I would start a blog and since I am living with TOF, PA and PH I would write about being a chronically ill child.
Here is some websites about my defects:
and lastly:

I want to take my feelings and gift for the written word and transform lives and bring awwarness to these diseases. I hope to impact people and let others know just how truly special people who are chronically ill are.

My first post was something my mom wrote about my miracles and all that I have been through. So I decided that this post I would give you a little more insight into who I am. I want to show hope with my blog and let others know that there is hope out there. Just don't give up.

As a senior I have had many people ask me about my future and for the first time I realize that I have a shot at going into the future. I have been so sick for so long, but this year I am truly thriving. I will graduate high school, I will go to prom, I will go to college, I will become a nurse. It has taken a lot more work to get where I am today; but it was all worth it. I am finally living life and I want to remind you all to do the same. Try not to worry as much (despite how scarry it is.) and live your life. We truly only get one chance and we understand that more than anyone else. So when you wake up in the morning, smile to yourself and remember 'I made it to this day, I can make it to the next.'

Hope and Love,


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