Ode to 02

For English class I had to write a poem about a peice of technology. I decided to write one to my oxygen!
Here it is:


I have known you all my life
Since the moment I was born
You gave me the precious breath of life
At first you were just attached to a wall
But you changed forms as I grew

When I came home
You became a giant green tank
That my mom and I would dress up in clothes just for fun
You were in numerous baby pictures of me
You added a lovely medical feel to our kitchen

Then when I got into grade school we got another one of you
This one would plug into the wall and had wheels so I could push you around
The best part was that you looked like R2D2’s twin

Then when I was 12
We got a “vertically challenged” version of you
When I was so sick but wanted to go to class
You allowed me to do so
I would sit you down on the mini cart
And pull you behind me when I was at school

Finally when I was 16
We got the “fun size” oxygen concentrator
For the first time I could put you in a backpack
And go up to the Arizonian Mountains
Where I had never been before because it was always too high an elevation for me
Oh but not anymore
Because I had you

You’re still part of my every-day life
Each night before I go to bed
I plug you into the wall
Push the switch
Put your clear plastic tubes in my nose
And crawl into bed
Your constant humming, hissing and clicking would drive anyone else crazy
But not me
It is a reminder that you have been there for me
Helping me live

I thought about doing one to my breathing treatment (SVN Machine.) But I decided this was a better subject. =) Another girl who took the Creative Writing class did an Ode to her Insulin Pump since she is Diabetic. What piece of technology would you do a poem to?

Love and Hope,


  1. Great Poem:) It was cool how you were able to put everything into and it turned out great. My dad ended up reading and he loved it. He said it was very inspirational:)

  2. Thanks. I really appreciate it. =D


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