Kids and Kindness

Hi Everyone,

I grew up in a time where the nice kids out numbered the mean kids. I grew up in a time (not too long ago.) where elementary school was a fun place where everyone was friends with everyone. It seems now though, that my little sister does not live in a time where kids are nice to one another anymore.

It has occured to me how mean kids can be and how mean they really are. It's moved beyond making fun of kids for glasses. Instead its clique of girls or boys who pick on anyone just because they are "different." While I expect it from high schoolers who think they know it all, it is heartbreaking to me to hear that it is happening in elementary school where kids are so impressionable at their young age.

When I grew up there were kids who would make comments about me or make fun of me. But my friends out numbered the bullies. But I realize that there are kids who have no friends to lean on because people in general (and the kids) have become so judgemental of one another. There is no acceptance or understanding for those who are different. I feel that one of the reasons I'm here is so I can make a change in the world. And I think one of the changes I want to make is how people treat one another. From age 2 all the way up age 100. No one should ever treat another humanbeing as if their feelings don't matter. No one should ever treat someone else as less than or un-worthy. No one is better than another person. No one.

I want to ask all the parents out there to sit down with their kids, wether they are 5 or 17. Talk to them about bullying. Tell them how much it hurts people and tell them that they need to stand up to those who bully others. Tell them that if they see a kid who is "different" that they need to be kind to that person.
There is a girl at my school who everyone makes fun of. She is a bit odd and I think maybe she has some emotional problems due to her homelife and what not. But I always say hi to her and give her a smile because I may be the one person that day who is kind to her. I may be the one person who gives her a smile and lets her know that I accept her and care for her. Whenever I see this girl I remember this quote: "Be kinder than ncessary for everyone you meet is facing some type of battle." I don't know what goes on in other peopel's lives, so I try to be as understanding and loving of people as I can be.

To the kids who are reading this blog. . . be kind to one another. Is it truly that hard to accept others for who they are? What gives you the right to cause someone else pain? How would you feel if someone was talking horribly about you, or being cruel to you? 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.'

Be Kind and Understanding,

P.S. I'd like to ask you guys to share a story about bullying. Could be one that happened to you or someone you know. Share the story and get awarness out there that bullying needs to stop. We can make a difference, one story at a time.


Hey guys! Feel free to comment and share a story!

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