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Hey everyone,

Today my family and I went to St. Mathew's church for a walk down to the State Capitol. It was at 9 o'clock in the morning and it is calling on Govenor Jan Brewer to reverse the life ending budget cuts to govermental funded health care. (Such as AHCCCS) The peaceful walk was put together by The Dream of Life Coalition. This is a group of individuals is an organization to help those living with chronic illnesses, and help support those in need of transplants.
They handed us all crosses that said 'AHCCCS-Denied.' The crosses stand for the people who will die because of the budget cuts to the trasnplant budget program. As we walked towards the State Capitol, several cars honked to let us know they were supporting us. There were people who would give us thumbs up or tell us 'God Bless You.'
The sign that I decided to carry said 'Don't Let Us Die.' As I held the sign in my hand and walk side by side with people going through the same, terrifying, saddening and heartbreaking experience that me and my family go through, it gave me shivers to know; that I am not alone. I know that there are people out there who actually care. Who value human life.
I know that there are some people who will disagree with my stand on this. But I won't back down. I believe that all life has value and like the Constitution says, we all have 'The righ to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.' But life foremost. I find it telling, that even back when the founders of our nations started out; they knew that Life was the most important right to give to us. Why don't others? For those who disagree, I'd like to ask you; who are you to say that my life some day and countless of other Arizonian's lives aren't worth saying?
And to Jan Brewer; how many more people have to die before you realize what you are doing to the people of this state?
Love and Hope,
Becca Atherton


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