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Hi Everyone!

I have some AMAZING news to share with you all! I am SOOOOO excited, I can barely contain it! He-he.

Well as you all know, I am getting closer and closer to graduation every minute! Well this week I had an Award Ceremony for the graduating students who are receiving awards, scholarships and other recognitions. Well I was told by my old Junior English teacher that she had nominated me for ‘A Person of Character’ award. I figured that since they only picked one girl and one boy out of the whole senior class, I wouldn’t get it. Well I was invited to the award ceremony where they gave me the ‘A Person of Character’ award! Dr. Courson, our principal said this before announcing my name; “They believe in the inherent dignity of all people and treat everyone with respect even those whose ideas & ideologies evoke strong disagreement. They have a strong sense of right and wrong and have the courage and willpower to do the right thing even when it is unpleasant, costly or goes against what others are doing.” I am truly honored to be given this award. It means so very much to me.

Yesterday I got called down to the College and Carreer Center at our school. It is place you go for information on colleges, scholarships, volunteering programs etc. The lady there told me that along with that award I got a scholarship! The honor of being recognized as a kind and caring person was AMAZING to begin with, but then to find out I got a scholarship to help pay for college made me almost cry! The moment I got into the car that day I told my mom and she had me call dad right away! I can barely contain how happy I am for this wonderful gift that I have been given!

My sister Regan called me later that night to congratulate me. I told her though that it wasn’t all my doing. I have had some wonderful teachers. My mom and my dad from a young age have taught me about acceptance, being kind, understanding and loving towards all people. I would not be the same person I am today without the guidance of my family. My mom and dad instilled in me the values of love and acceptance. I would still try to be as kind and understanding as I could be and stand up for what I believe in, even if I did not get an award; because that is the right thing to do and that was how I was raised. My mom always says “You do something nice because it is nice, not so you can get recognized for it.” So to all of you who are fighting the good fight, don’t give up just because you think no one recognizes your efforts. I do. And the people you positively impact in your everyday life do. We are making a difference, award or no award.


Below is a video that my mom took while I got my award!


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