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So about 2 weeks ago I went up to California with my mom and dad for a doctor appointment. Things are going good, nothing new except in about a year or two I will need a new battery in my pacemaker/defibulator. Other than that the only change is that I have some irregular heart beats but they aren't too worried about it.
At Lucille Packard Children's Hospital they have a school inside their hospital so patients that are either in the hospital or too sick to go to school can go to school there. They also allow siblings of patients to go to school there as well. It is part of the California public school system and has 1st grade through 12th grade.
This school also hosts a prom for all their students, not just high school; but everyone. The families of patients are allowed to come and stay as well; and even some hospital staff drop by to say hi and see what is going on.
Every year they pick a new theme for the prom and this year it was 'Traveling Around The World' The decorations were amazing! They made the Golden Gate Bridge, the pyramids, the Eiffel Tower and many more other landmarks for you to take a picture by. All the helpers were dressed up as either pilots or in traditional clothing from different countries. Along with dancing, food and crafts they also had gambling! (I must say, I am pretty good at Roulette and Black Jack!)
But what I love most about this prom is that no one is left out or judged. During my appointment they asked me to put on a Halter Monitor, which is a portable heart monitor. I wore it for 24 hours and I was able to take it off right before I went to the prom. I wouldn't have liked wearing it to the prom because it is itchy and TOTALLY did not go with my dress; but I know that if I had to, I would've much rather worn it to this prom than the prom at my school. The prom at my school while it was fun and I got to go with my friends, it was a snobby fake event where people judged one another based off of how they looked, what they wore and who they came with as their date. This prom wasn't like that at all. You could sit down and talk to anyone without feeling like they were judging you or making fun of you. This prom was for everyone. Whether you came in a wheelchair, with crutches’ or with an IV stuck in your arm; you were welcomed and loved for who you are. Wouldn't it be great if life was more like the Lucille Packard Prom? I think so.


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