Hi everyone,
I got home Tuesday from Oregon. I drove with my niece, little sister, two older sisters and my dad from Oregon all the way back to Arizona. Instead of going by miles, my dad would measure our progress by the weather. He'd yell out every so often "Now we are at 85 degrees. Now 90!" Did this till we got to our house, the temperature being 110!! I missed my bedroom and the soft water we use for the shower; the shower in Oregon was not soft water and made your hair feel even dirty after a shower than it did going in. =P 

While up in Oregon my parents surprised me with my own laptop! They got it for me as a graduation present! It is an HP and I LOVE it!! 

I went with my two nieces and my little sister to our church today to help set up for Vacation Bible School Camp. After that we went to my grandma's house for lunch and swimming. 

I wrote an article for a newsletter called PathLight. PathLight is the newsletter that the Pulmonary Hypertension Association sends out to all it's members. When they post it on their website, I will post the link so you all can read it!

Not much else is new here! Thanks for checking in!


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