Driving Alert!!

Hey everyone!

So about a week ago or so I got my driver's permit after going to a full day of driving classes. The permit test was given at the school and I found out that day that I passed. A few days after that I went with my mom and I got my permit. Sadly I have to have 6 hours of driving with the school before I can get my license; and the school isn't available to give me driving time until September 9th and 11th. (I do 3 hours in 2 days.) So until then, I will be carpooling with my niece, and older sister on my way to school since my mom has to drop my niece off first, me second and my older sister last at her job. 

I have drive a total of four hours so far with my dad. We started off in the high school parking lot where we practiced parking, braking, backing up and turning. I have only done 1 curb check and hit only one barking plot out of the four days we have gone driving! Woo-hoo! Dad has already had me drive him and myself all the way to Paradise Valley Community College. I must say, being out on the major streets is very intimidating and scary. I have a problem where when I'm making a turn in the intersection I press the gas pedal because I want to get out of the intersection but I end up taking the curb too fast. :P I hate being out in the middle of the intersection because I am afraid someone is going to come through it and crash into me. I also just take turns too fast too begin with, or I press the brake in the middle of a turn or near the end because I don't have a feel yet for just "coasting through a turn" as my dad calls it. But all in all I think I am doing pretty well. I just get a little nervous so I make jerky movements. I also need to learn how to keep a constant speed, I tend to speed up then slow down and then speed up again instead of staying on a constant speed. Thankfully I have mastered speed bumps. . . mostly. Wish me luck and stay off the road for a bit! 



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