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Today I finished my driving school and I passed the skill part of the test. My driving instructor was a nice man, very sociable and friendly but there were a few things he said that really made me stop and think. We stopped to get ice cream at Dairy Queen and he just went on and on about how Obama and his Socialists are trying to take over the world and turn America into a communist state. I decided in some instances not to share my opinion with, or to question him; because I do need my license. But there were times when I did say something, very nicely of course and with respect.

For instance, he was sitting there talking about how he thinks it’s a bad idea that the Obama Care requires everyone to have medical insurance. Now I myself don’t know how I feel about that. But I did tell him about my situation and how without government help, I wouldn’t have medication to live. I told him about how one of my pills costs 5,000 dollars a month. Just ONE prescription. He couldn’t believe it. He ended up agreeing that some people (like me) do need help because we can’t help that we are sick and can’t find a job that will give us medical insurance.

He also made a few other comments that made me extremely uncomfortable. We were talking about traveling and some how we landed on the subject of San Francisco; he had never been there before. I told him that it was a great city and I loved it. His comment was: “Well aren’t there a bunch of gays there?” It took me by surprise and I wasn’t sure how to respond. I shrugged and said: “I never noticed.” He shakes his head and says, “I don’t know why there are so many gays there.” So I turned to him and said, “Well maybe it’s because they can blend in a bit easier and people in big cities like San Francisco and New York aren’t as judgmental.” He didn’t have anything to say to that; that was Friday. Today he was talking about how he was driving with a boy who was gay and the boy told him that he would never go to church because a minister at a church he went to told him he was condemned to hell. So the man told the boy that God doesn’t hate the person, but he hates the sin. I have to give him props for not going on and on about how sinful the boy was but I wasn’t about to go and tell him that I didn’t think being gay was a sin. So I told him that I have a problem with any type of religion that says God hates certain people because of how they are, how they were born or who they love. I told him that I can’t understand people who use God, who is all about LOVE; and use Him to validate their hatred towards a person or people. He agreed and the subject ended there.

Another comment he made was about a boy who he took driving, he told me this yesterday. The boy was Autistic and clearly should not have been driving. He told me how frustrated he got with the boy and how annoying it was to have to drive with him. So I turned to him and said, “Imagine how he feels. Knowing he is trying his best but can’t drive. You have to remember, and it’s hard to because he acts so normal; but you have to remember he has a learning disability.” He nodded and said he knew that but it just got so aggravating. Today he told me that he doesn’t think the boy wants to drive. He said that if the boy wanted to drive, he would be practicing and getting better. I shook my head and said, “I believe he wants to drive. I think with every fiber of his being he wants to be normal and be able to do something everyone else does. He sees people everyday that can read, write and do other things he can’t; so he wants to drive because it is something everyone else does. Sadly, with his learning disability he just may not be able to.” He nodded and told me that he hadn’t even thought about it that way before. We ended my driving lesson soon after that; and no worries, I DID pass the test; which was a relief. He told me he would keep me in his prayers and that I was extremely smart for my age. But I don’t think it has anything to do with being smart, it has everything to do with acceptance and being understanding; even towards though who are different.



  1. You are truly wise beyond your years...perhaps that is a result of all you've been through or perhaps it is just because you have a stronger heart in ways other than just physical function...


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