My Birthday!!

Hi everyone,

So on Sunday I turned 19 years old! I can’t believe it! I was just finally getting used to telling people I was 18. Ha – ha. On Saturday my parents surprised us with horseback riding near the Verde river, I was SO excited. I love horses and I love horseback riding. One part of the trail was us forging the Verde River; it was AMAZING! On our trail we saw two bald eagles sitting in a tree with their nest and we saw wild horses! On the drive away from the ranch, we saw cow just walking around. It was so cool! However, the next day we were all very sore. Ha – ha.

After the horseback ride we went to a restaurant called Pinnacle Peak Patio. If you have never been there before, I highly suggest it. It is a cowboy themed restaurant and if you wear a tie there, they will cut it off and staple it to the ceiling. It’s so cool. Ha – ha. We went down to the small dance area where they had a live band to listen to the music while we waited for our food and I heard someone yelling my name. Thinking it was one of my family members, I turn around and look for one of my siblings but instead I found a friend from camp who I haven’t seen in at least four years. My friend’s birthday is October 8th, while mine is the 9th. So she came down here to celebrate her 21st birthday. She lives in California but sadly her mom has tentatively moved to Arizona to get some treatment for cancer. My friend and I have lost touch over the years but I really think it was meant to be that we would see each other that night. Please keep her family in your prayers, I know how well those work.

On a happier note, for my birthday, I got the iPhone 4! I LOVE it!! It is AMAZING!! I went through my whole contact list and added cute little pictures next to everyone’s name so when they call I see a cute little icon next to their name. I also put some of my music on it, downloaded a few games and saved a few backgrounds to try out on my phone too.

I have found out that my first blog post for Adult Congenital Heart Association will be published October 31st. The blog post will be published at: if you’d like to read it when it comes out. I am SO excited!!

College is going really well! I have either A’s or B’s in all my classes and I really like it. I was really excited because I turned in my first English paper and I got a 90% then on my first Sociology exam I got a 100%! I am so happy with how school is going!

Well not much else is new here! Thanks for checking in!



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