Doctor Visit and School

Hey Everyone,
A week ago yesterday I went up to California for a doctor appointment. Things are looking pretty good except that the battery on my pacemaker/defibulator is running low. We are planning to have it replaced during my Spring Break so I will not miss any school. While I was up in California we also stopped by to see a friend I have known since I was a baby and went to camp with who is up there. He has an infection at the old site of where the pacemaker was put in so they had to move it. His heart is tired and they don't know what the infection is. If you all could keep him in your thoughts I would appreciate it so much. 

School is going pretty good. The only class I have a problem with is computers but that's because the teacher doesn't teach and she isn't very organized. The majority of the class does not like the class either. So I'm not alone on this one. Speaking of school, I have already signed up for classes for the Spring Semester. I am taking Psychology 101 with a friend of mine named Gabby so I will know at least one person in that class. I am taking Math 120 (wish me luck!), Bio 156 and English 102 with two of my friends which will be nice. Well not much else is new here, hope all is good with you guys! 



  1. It's wonderful to get the update! I'm glad school is going well. (there's always that ONE teacher... :/) I will be praying for your friend.
    ~Claire (I had to comment as anonymous because it's not letting me comment as ME!! lol)

  2. So thankful for your good doctor visit! Praying even now for your friend as well as for your upcoming battery-change! We sure do love you, Becca!

  3. Thank you Clair and Mrs. Shrader for all your support! We all love you guys and can't wait to see you at the Winter Party!


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