Thanksgiving and Some Other Updates

Hey guys!
I hope everyones Thanksgiving was good! Mine was busy but fun. We had a family reunion on my dad's side and it was great to see everyone! We normally have about 25 to 30 people at our family get togethers but this time we had about 55 or so. It was a lot of fun and the day after Thanksgiving we had a reptile rescue come visit us! We got to pet an alligator named Tuesday who was the sweetest thing ever, pet an albino python, a bearded dragon and tortoise. We also saw (through cages) a gila monster and a rattle snake. 

Tonight I have a Sign Language performance down in Peoria so that should be fun! However I'm wearing a dress and I have a feeling I am going to be FREEZING! Ha-ha. 

I had to do a presentation yesterday in my Career and College Success class about my beliefs, goals and values. I talked a lot about how I want to help end bullying and help others going through hard times to know that they are not alone. I told them how even if I was able to let one person feel less alone in this world I would be happy. By the end of the presentation my teacher and few other students was close to tears and when the teacher called for compliments, a boy raised his hand and told me that he loved that I had a blog for people with life threatening and chronic illnesses to read because his brother has a terminal illness and he often feels alone in the world. Another boy raised his hand who has a sever stuttering problem; and he thanked me for mentioning how even using the word 'retard' is a form of bullying without even knowing it. By the end of the comments, I was close to tears. I talked about my favorite quote "Be kinder than necessary for everyone you meet is facing some type of battle." and in that class period I had learned about two personal battles that my classmates were facing and I felt honored that they felt comfortable enough to tell me about them in front of the whole classroom. I hope now they know that they are not alone.

Hope and Love,


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