Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, the Holidays have been keeping my family and I really busy. For Christmas Eve I performed Sign Language at my church’s Christmas Eve Service.  My brother, his wife and their little girl flew in from New Jersey for Christmas. It was really great to see them! There little girl is less than a year old and so adorable!!
I also performed Sign Language at the Phoenix Zoo during Zoo Lights. After the show my family and I walked around the zoo to look at the lights. It was amazing!
I finished school and my break is about a month long, which is really nice. My classes went really well and on the last day of finals a few of my friends and I went to Denny’s afterwards. We were also able to get together again during the break and went out to lunch and then walked around the mall. I am looking forward to classes this semester. When I signed up for classes, a few of my friends and I signed up together so I thankfully have two classes with friends in , and then two that I don’t. Making new friends but keeping the old. Ha ha.
Well it’s almost time for dinner, so I have to get going!


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