Good and Bad News

Hi Everyone,

So I have some good news and some bad news. I'll start with the bad news that way we can end on a happy note. =D 

Lately I have not been feeling very well. I am tired, coughing constantly, short of breath and just all around - not feeling at my best. We have gone to the doctor twice now and each time they said that my lungs sounded fine. We took an X-Ray and they said that looked good too. So I got an ECHO yesterday, just to make sure that the function of my heart is doing okay. The doctor who looked at it said nothing stood out as worrisome so that is nice, but it still doesn't give us any answers. I am on some steroids to help, but so far I still don't feel very good. I have missed several days of math class - so I have withdrawn from that class. However, I am still in my biology class, English and Psychology and I am doing well in all of those classes. 

Now for the good news. A few months ago, I heard on the radio an advertisement for a non-profit organization asking for speakers to talk to kids about their experiences with bullying. I heard back from the woman today and I had a phone interview just a few minutes ago. I talked to her about growing up with my congenital heart defect, being bullied and even just the snide remarks strangers make because they don't understand why someone who looks so healthy can't even walk up a flight of stairs. Nothing is for sure yet, but the woman I spoke to said she loved my story and that she would leave a note for her supervisor to contact me within the next two months or so. She said that at that time they may not have an opening for me to fill but they would make sure to keep me on file for when they needed another speaker. She also told me that if I were to get the position, I would have to go to training twice a week for about four to six weeks then after that I would give a speech once or twice a month; I would get paid for this including the time spent in training. I am so excited and I can't wait to hear back from the woman!!!

Hope and Love, 


  1. Oh, Becca--I'm so excited for you! I really hope you get to talk on the show! I love the doors God is opening for you. :) You're so incredible!!
    I'm praying for you to feel better soon, friend.


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