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Hi guys,I want to start this blog post explaining a movie that came out in the 90's that was based off of a book. The movie and book were called Pay It Forward. The whole idea stemmed from a little boy for a school assignment on how they would change or make the word better. This little boy decided that he would do something nice for another person. And when that person asked him 'how can I repay you?' he would tell them, 'Just do something nice for three other people and ask them to do the same for you.' And then those people would do the same to three new people and it would continue, until every person in the world has done something kind and nice for at least three people. 
At they have taken this idea but added another element to it. Instead of just having someone's words to remind you to be kind, you would have a bracelet. Here is how it works:
  1. Get a bracelet
  2. See an act of kindness or someone “stepping up”
  3. Pass the bracelet on
Each bracelet has it's own special code. If you log onto the website you can track the bracelet and share your story of what you did to earn or get the bracelet passed onto you. It's a great way to share stories of kindness and encourage others to "step up".
 I've included a few photos of the bracelets and the small card you are supposed to give to the other person when you hand off the bracelet. Along with the official promo video for the organization. 

I strongly encourage you all to "step up" and "be kind" to one another. Buy a bracelet and pass on this wonderful idea of doing the right thing.  Click here for the link to this amazing website that has teamed up with Ben's Bells to spread kindness. 

Love and Hope,


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