Wow! It's been a while!

Hey everyone,
Sorry I haven't posted lately! When I got back from Florida, my asthma started to flare up pretty badly. (Most likely because I forgot to take my asthma medications with me when I went and I went a whole week without them.) So I got a round of steroids but I still wasn't feeling a 100%, and on top of that I got a cold. Aches, coughing, runny nose; the whole thing for about two weeks. 

We did go up to Oregon, which was fun but I still wasn't feeling that well when we went. I spent a lot of time taking naps and all that. Thankfully though I did remember to bring my asthma medication up with me, and that did help. 

Yesterday though, I went to get my allergy shot and they decided that my asthma still wasn't that good. Normally my Peak Flow Meter is about 250 - 270. When I did it yesterday, it was 22 and it didn't get much better even after they gave me some medication. Not wanting to risk it, they decided I shouldn't have one. 

Lately I have been coughing more, and it's a dry cough which I never really have unless I'm having asthma problems. I hope that maybe I'm still just getting over the first asthma attack and that I'll get better soon. Sorry I haven't updated lately, I just haven't been feeling all that well. Thanks for all the prayers and keeping me in your thoughts, I really appreciate it!

Hope and Love,


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