Heat Wave!

Hey everyone, 
So as you all know, we are still living in my grandma's house while we get our floors re-done. However earlier this week my family and I kept making comments about how the house we were living in was so hot. (Even my mom who is always cold started to feel hot!) Upon inspection, my dad informed us that the air conditioning had gone out. E-gag! As my mom would say. So from Friday night till just a few hours ago, we went without any air conditioning in our house. 

My mom made an important observation though while we were all complaining about how hot it was, "We are really going to appreciate air conditioning when it comes back on." Then the question was raise, "How do people without air conditioning survive?" 

I have never lived in a house where there was no air conditioning or a pool to dive into if you got too hot. But some people aren't as lucky as my family and I have been. There are people all over the world living without air conditioning during scolding hot summers and no heat during the blistering winters. While we only went two and a half days without air conditioning, some people go for months and months without it, suffering in the heat constantly. To me those two and a half days seemed like it was weeks long. I can't even imagine how long summer must feel like for those who go the whole time without air conditioning. 

So I encourage you all, and myself; that the next time something breaks down, we take a step back and be thankful we at least have those things to begin with. Whenever my siblings and I start to complain about something, my dad will remind us; "Hey I walked to school in the snow, up hill; both ways." In which we remind him, "Dad you lived in California, there was no snow." But he has a good point. Someone out there always has it worse than you, and they may not even be complaining about it. So the next time I feel like complaining  I'll stop and think about who might have it worse off than me, be thankful for what I have and not complain. I hope you'll join me and do this too. 

Hope and Love,


  1. I know how it feels to have no air conditioner in the house! It’s hard to sleep at night and at times you feel as if you have to take a bath every hour. Stressful, isn’t it? That’s why if we have an AC in our home, we should use it properly and take care of it the best way we can.

  2. "How do people without air conditioning survive?"--- Well, in my case, I’d do everything order to beat the heat! I’d rather go to the mall than stay in our house with a broken AC. And it’s especially distressing at night. Urgh! I’m just so lucky that I haven’t experienced it thus far.

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  4. I use Twitter and Facebook to let my readers know when I have a new blog post. You can also subscribe for E-mail alerts!


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