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I'm not sure if I've told you guys that I am a mentor for incoming college freshman. I sit in on their CPD150 class which is about college success. I took it last year, and I loved it. A lot of people see the description and think 'Oh this is going to be boring.' and some classes are, but my past professor did an amazing job at it. She is also a counselor, which is something I am interested in being (or a child psychologist) so she had an amazing perspective of how choices you make can affect a student's mental stability and things like that.

My favorite activity we did was one she did with the new round of students this year and I wanted to share it with you. She passed out an index card to each student and wrote this on the board: 

'I am a(n) ____ , ____ and ____ man/women.' 
And she told the students to fill in the three blanks with positive adjectives about themselves.
Then they each had to get up and introduce themselves to one another with that statement. The person you introduce yourself to replies with, "Yes you are!" 
And instead of saying "Thank you." You say, "I know!" And then the next person tells them their words, and then you both move on to new people until everyone has introduced themselves to everyone in the room. 

When she asked students what they thought about it, they said that at first they felt conceited by saying "I know." and she explained it is because we are so used to disagreeing with positive compliments or thoughts about ourselves. She said we have to train ourselves to think positively about ourselves because hating ourselves tends to be way too easily. She also said that our mind will believe whatever we want it to believe, as long as we continue to repeat it over and over. So if you keep telling yourself that you're ugly and worthless, not only will you believe it but you will attract people who feel the same as you and that just pulls you down even further. But if you tell yourself that you are fun and smart, you will attract people who are positive just like you and it helps lift you up. 

So what I want you all to do is take an index card or a piece of paper and write on it what I wrote above. "I am a(n) ___, ___ and ____ man/women." And put it in a spot where you will see it every day. Say it aloud or in your head followed with a "Yes you are." Start to re-train your thoughts and opinions of yourself. My professor told us that the "Positive things you say about yourself are far more accurate the negative things you say. So why not always say positive and help yourself feel better?" I agree 100% and I hope you do too. 

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