Still Against Obamacare?

I want to share a video with you all about a mom and her family from Arizona who have a daughter that has a Congenital Heart Defect. CHD is considered a pre-existing condition and Obamacare will help them with their health insurance; and so many other families out there like them. 
For those of you who will respond to this video with "They should've planned for their child to be sick and saved money for it." Let me remind you, you cannot plan for getting diagnosed with cancer nor save up enough money to pay for the treatments that are needed to defeat it and become health. This rings true for open heart surgeries, medications, procedures and other tests that are needed in order to live for so many other illnesses. You cannot plan for getting into a horrific car accident that leaves you needing surgeries that can and does bankrupt people. You cannot plan nor save up enough money for having a pre-existing condition. 

Please listen to this family's video with an open mind and an open heart. 

Hope and Love,


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