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Earlier today I was scrolling through my Facebook page and I saw this amazing quote and picture that went with it. As I read through the comments I got a bit annoyed at how people tried to debate it. They would counter it by saying, "Well technically it does..." Personally I think those who disagreed with it based off of the technicality were only doing so just to be the person who has to disagree just to disagree.
 This picture and the quote is a metaphor. It is basically saying that by chopping someone down or making them feel bad about themselves does not make you better than them. By hurting someone else and making them feel less than, it does not mean that you are superior. 

Many of my teachers in Psychology and my peer mentoring teachers say that a good leader helps to lift up others. They have said that good leaders support those they are leading. They respect them and listen to those they are leading. And I completely agree. It is proven that students find it harder to learn in an environment that is lead by a teacher who is harsh and runs the classroom like a dictator. This can and dose apply to employers in a work area. But I have experience with the teacher one. I have been in 2 classes throughout my life where the teacher was unfair, cruel and a power junky. Both subjects were two subjects that I loved and was really interested in... but because of the fact that I was scared of the teachers, I never wanted to go to the class and I barely got anything out of them. I even ended up switching out of one of the classes because it was so bad, and on top of that I lost all respect for those two teachers. 

A good leader whether its in a parenting, teaching, employer role never devalues what those under him or her do. You don't have to get your self-confidence by humiliating others and making them feel less than. Get your pride and confidence from the things you do well, not from the amount of pain you cause others.

Hope and Love,

Questions to think about: Have any of you been in a situation where someone in a leading role devalued you? How did that make you feel? What did you do about it? What do you wish you had done? 
Or were you ever the leader who devalued someone else? Why? How did it make you feel? How do you feel about what you did now? Would you do anything differently?


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