Dolls House = What I Hope To Have

Not sure if many of you know this, but when I was around nine years old I had a Make A Wish done. Now, 11 years later they have asked to do an article about me and other Wish Kids who have since then grown up. It's called 'Where are the Wish Kids Now?' Some of you might be wondering; what did she wish for? Well, I got a life sized doll house in my backyard. Also know as, a play house. Some of you might now be wondering; why a doll house? Let me tell you why. 

From a young age I have loved doll houses. I have loved being able to decorate them and make life for my dolls perfect. Maybe it was because my imagination could take me away from the difficulties of my own life. Maybe it was because I could make my dolls be healthy and live a normal life unlike I was able to do.

To this day, I have loved cute doll house like houses. I have often thought about what my future house would look like. And I know that I want my own house to be as beautiful and as perfect as my own doll houses. Maybe its because of how wonderful doll houses in my life have made me feel and the idea that a doll house or a perfect little house represents a normal life.

And sure everyone little girl wants a cute perfect little house and they want their future home to be beautiful. Its all normal and natural. But to me, having a cute perfect home means that I lived long enough to get married, graduate college, get a job and start a family.

Doll houses when I was younger let me have what I never thought I’d live to get.
But as I grew older and medical technology became better and the surgeries and medicine started to help me live longer, I realize that maybe my picture perfect doll house home will be obtainable.Maybe I will live longer to graduate college, live long enough to get married and live long enough to raise a family in my perfect doll house home. 

Hope and Love,

P.S. Yes that is a picture of me and my doll house back in the day. 


  1. AWWW look at little Becca !!! I remember when this was taken :) Glad I could be there for it. Hard to believe that was 11 years ago!! So crazy


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