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Dear Readers, 

I am on the e-mail list for Photobucket which is an online free photo editing site where you can upload your pictures, edit them and share them with others. Its an amazing site and I have found some amazing photos that are beautiful on there. Although I myself am not a very good photographer and don't really have the patience to get any better - I thought some of you might like to share your story through photos on this site. 

Photobucket is holding a Stories Contest called 'Life is an Adventure' and the winner will get $25,000! There is no limit to how many stories you can enter - but each story should be different as should the pictures. I thought that through this contest we could help share our stories of survival, triumph and hope. Help spread awareness about CHD, PH or any other illness you feel strongly about.

If you want some more information, go here. Please note though - all photos must be your own!

If you aren't a good photgrapher (like myself!) feel free to comment below though and share your stories of adventure, survival and hope!

Hope and Love,


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