The Drawing Hope Project

Do you know a child who has a chronic or terminal illness? Do you know someone who has struggled with medical issues that you find inspiring and uplifting? Want to help raise awarness for a certain illness? I found the perfect site where you can do just that! I follow a women on Twitter who posted a link to something called The Drawing Hope Project. 

What is The Drawing Hope Project? The site explains, "The Drawing Hope Project is a multifaceted creative initiative that touches, changes, improves, and saves lives. No really, it truly is that amazing.

So how do you get involved? The child whom you find inspiring for dealing with their medical problems must create a drawing. (Hence the name!) The man in charge of this, named Shawn will then meet with the child, their family, take photos and get their story. The stories will then be put into a book that is published throughout the globe, featuring kids from all over the world and raising awareness about all different kinds of illnesses. And by doing this, gives other families hope. 

Perhaps your child could be a great story to inspire other families. Maybe your best friend or your next door neighbor. If you are interested and want to spread awareness about a certain disease/illness look at this site for more info! The Drawing Hope Project.

Help spread awareness and inspire others! 
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