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"Life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs. But its your choice to scream or enjoy the ride." - Unknown
You all had to have known one of these days I was going to use a quote using a roller coaster as a metaphor since roller coasters is something I really miss and would like to have back in my life. The first part of the quote, I'm sure we have all heard or seen at some point in our life. But the part of this quote that I really like is: "Your choice to scream or enjoy the ride." Now as a roller coaster junkie, let me say this, screaming on a roller coaster tends to help you enjoy it better. But for the sake of this metaphor, let us forget that part.                                      
Screaming in this instance means putting up a fight. Instead of taking things as they come or rolling with the punches, you fight against it every step of the way. The ups and downs are going to be hard, no doubt about that. But what will screaming about it accomplish? What will fighting the changes do except tire you out? 

Enjoy the ride. You may not always like what happens, but there has to be somethings along this bumpy road that you can enjoy and appreciate. Instead of focusing on the negatives, try and look at the positives. Is it hard to look up though when you're down? Of course. But you'll feel better the moment you let go and just start enjoying life and letting things come as they will. We can't control tomorrow, so why worry about it?  We can't control many things in our lives, but we can control our happiness and how we choose to look at this life we've been given. Will you scream or will you enjoy it? 

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