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I think we can all remember a time when someone said we couldn't do something. Or that we wouldn't succeed. Or maybe you had the task of trying to reassure someone that they could do something, after someone else had told them otherwise. Some people might tell you to ignore what people say, but there is a different option you can go with instead of ignoring them and this one can help you to your goal too. 
"Don't give up just because of what someone said. Use that as motivation to push harder." - Unknown. There is another quote I read somewhere that went something like this, "Nothing feels better than doing what others say you cannot." Now please do not take these quotes to mean you can not listen to the rules, doctors or your parents. I do not mean it in that sense. I mean it in the sense that if someone says you can't reach a goal, use that as a reason to push yourself harder. 

For example, if a teacher tells you that you could never publish a book but you know that is what you want to, don't let them stop you. It is disheartening and can make you think twice about yourself and your abilities when someone tells you that you won't make it or can't accomplish something.

But here is a different way you can look at what they tell you. Motivation. What better way to prove to this person that you can make it and do something they say you cannot than actually doing it? But please remember that when you do accomplish what they say you cannot, there is no need to brag or rub it in their face. You making it and doing what people said you cannot is proof enough that they were wrong about you. 

If people say that you'll never amount to anything, try anyways. If someone tells you that you won't get into the college of your dreams, try anyways. Do what they say you can't. Use it as motivation to push harder and reach your goal. 

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