The Spring Break Curse

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It seems as if the past 2 Spring Breaks I've had do not go my way, at all. Last year when I got the battery of my pacemaker/defibulator replaced over Spring Break, I was supposed to be home in 2 days or so. Well things did not go as planned and long story short, I had complications the moment they put me under anesthesia and afterwards I was having a new kind of arrhythmia problem. 
Fast forward to this Spring Break, I was supposed to have a camp out tonight in my backyard and possibly see a movie tomorrow night with a bunch of friends. But my health really likes getting in the way of my plans. Saturday I was starting to not feel well at all, I ached everywhere and just felt exhausted. So I went to bed early that night and when I woke up on Sunday I felt even worse, with a temperature, stuffy nose and what I call "junky" lungs. I had a performance for my Sign Language group on Sunday and despite having a fever and feeling awful, I went, not wanting to let my group down. Now here I am on a Thursday - still sick. My lungs are feeling better but I still have a stuffed up nose and a sinus headache. I sadly had to re-schedule the camping in my backyard party to next Friday, which I hope people will still be able to attend. 

My mom and I both agree that it is better that I get sick over Spring Break, so I can get better in time for school and not miss any. But still, it'd be nice if I'd be able to have at least one Spring Break while I'm in a college that is fun and filled with friends and I hanging out. My goal for next Spring Break, I just don't want to be sick during it! Just be a normal college student on Spring Break would be a great change!  

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  1. My son has had heart surgeries all his life. When he was in school, he was taught at home half that time by teachers. He couldn't do PE and wanted so much to be a regular kid.

    1. How old is your son?
      When I got into high school, my family, doctors and I decided that PE would not be something I should do anymore. Because of how competitive it was and the amount of contact sports that were played. But in Elementary School and Middle School it was less so, and the PE teachers were great in the sense that they let me monitor how I felt and let me stop when I needed to.


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