It's Been A While...

Hey guys,

I wanted to apologize for not posting in a few days. My health has not been good, at all. As some of you know, I was having some irregular heart beats that my pacemaker/ICD were not "trained" to pick up on but I could feel them. So I have had to wear an Event Monitor (a heart monitor that only records when you tell it to do so) and I have to wear it for a whole month. 

On top of that, my asthma has been giving me problems as well. My oxygen is in the low 80's. I don't want to gross any of my readers out, but I can say that I normally do not cough up any "junk" as my family and I call it, but with this round of asthma problems I've been having, I have started to and the color indicates an infection of some kind. Along with that, the doctors believe I strep throat. You can imagine how amazing I feel right now!

I have started antibiotics along with some steroids to help clear my lungs out. I am hoping to feel better by next week because I cannot afford to miss any more school. I am so close to this semester being over and I cannot drop out of my classes when I've made it this far. Especially since this is the best year I've had in math since like 3rd grade! Okay freshman year of high school went well too. But you get the idea. 

I appreciate all of your support and prayers. Thanks so much guys and I promise to get lots of rest so I can get back on and update this blog as frequently as I used to! 

Love you all,


  1. Becca, I'm so sorry to hear this! Praying for you, my friend!!


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