Great News for Next Summer!

I have some exciting news! Last summer I went and spoke on a panel at the Internationally Pulmonary Hypertension Conference, as many of you know. A few days ago, I got asked to be on a committee that will help plan certain sessions of that Conference. My first meeting with them will be in a week or so and I'm excited to discuss topic ideas, panelist options and everything else! I've never been on a planning committee before, especially not for a huge conference like this but it'll be an amazing experience for learning and getting experience with all of the things that planning a few sessions of this conference will teach me! I can't wait! The conference will be in the summer of 2014 in Indiana and considering that I've never been to Indiana before and I've never been on a planning committee before, this will be a summer of firsts! I will keep you guys updated about what is going on and how the planning is going!

Hope and Love


  1. Hi Becca:

    Congratulations!!!! Good for you. You will do wonderful.

    Jane Northrop

  2. That's AMAZING!!! Congrats!!!!


  3. I'm so excited for you!! Congratulations!!!


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