The Christmas Socks Story

As some of you have seen my Facebook page and Twitter have been filled with photos of people wearing Christmas socks and the hash tag says: "Christmassocksforbecca" My mom wrote this up as an explination: 

Several years ago our precious Rebecca had heart surgeryAlthough the operation went well an unexpected complication occurred and she was not expected to live. The second day on life support (ECMO) one of the nurses, fighting desperately to save Becca’s life bought her a pair of Christmas socks and put them on her tiny motionless feet. This “Angel” said the socks were to give her something to look forward to…for us her family, they were a gift of sincere Caring and true Hope.

Please wear Christmas socks as a reminder that Love is Alive
And All Around, to Never Give Up Hope, and Miracles Do Happen.

While my procedure today went well I would still really appreciate you all wearing the socks, taking photos of yourself with them and then posting them on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag "Christmassocksforbecca" 

Thank you so much!


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