CHD Awareness Week 2014!

Starting today and going till February 14th, it is CHD awareness week! If you're reading this blog, you more than likely know someone who has CHD or you yourself have one. But there are so many more people out there who have no idea what CHD is! So for this next week, here are some ideas to help raise awareness!
  • Wear red and a lot of it! Or visit Mended Little Hearts  and wear some of their CHD awareness gear! 
  • Post pictures of yourself on Twitter, FB and Instagram wearing red using the hashtag: #CHDAware 
  • Ask famous people on Twitter to RT a message about raising awareness! 
  • Ask your friends to do the same as well on their accounts! 
  • Share this blog and any other CHD related blogs you read/follow! 
  • Change your profile picture on FB, Twitter and Instagram to a photo of yourself in the hospital after open heart surgery (if you're a patient) or your child after surgery (if you're a parent).
  •  If you don't feel comfortable posting a photo of yourself from that setting, use a 'CHD Awareness' icon like some of these: 

  Lets help raise awareness about CHD one post, Tweet and photo at a time!
Hope and Love,


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