Best Spring Break Ever!

Well Disneyland was a blast! For the most part, the wait times for the rides weren't that bad at all and we got to go on a bunch of them since the park wasn't as crowded. My amazing dad drove us down there and made sure we got back as well as taking photos of our adventures. I promised to have some pictures up, however I am waiting to hear back from my friends to see if it's alright to have their photos plastered all over the internet. 
Even though I used a wheelchair most of the time in Disneyland, I was never left feeling out of place or as if my friends were embarrassed by it. There had been times back in high school when I'd have to use a wheelchair around my friends and at times, they'd run off to go do something - forgetting me and leaving me behind. While it's understandable how that could happen, you get so excited and caught up in the moment that you just race off to the next amazing thing; it was so great to be with a group of girls who didn't forget but at the same time didn't make it a big deal or make it seem like a burden on them. 

Unfortunately, all great things must come to an end as did this trip. With it ending though we came home with great memories, photos, lots of laughs, sore throats and souvenirs. However I sadly came home with some sort of virus or bug because I have been sick since the day we left California. My back is aching, my nose is stuffed up and I've been having fevers. Yesterday I finally decided to go to the doctor and he prescribed me an antibiotic for whatever it is that is doing this. I am hoping I feel better by Friday because if I don't, I have to stay home from the trip to Oregon. While I'm not sure how I got this bug, if it was from overdoing it in Disneyland or from someone at Disneyland (or maybe it's not related to the trip at all!), it was worth it! I finally got to go on a girls' trip on Spring Break and it turned out to the be the best Spring Break ever! 

Hope and Love,


  1. Becca! Not sure if you remember me, but my name is Cristi and we were at Camp Del Corazon together! My camp name is Crispy. :-) I would really like to reconnect! Feel free to visit my blog... I think you may relate. You can also email me! My blog is I look forward to talking to you!

  2. I love this post and love you!! Praying for you to feel better in time for the Oregon trip. Thank you for all the amazing memories.


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