Small Update for Transplant

A small update when it comes to the transplant, we have an appointment later in April. I also finally figured out that I have been naming the wrong city! For a long time my family and I thought it was Philadelphia but it is actually Pittsburg. On top of that confusion, we were supposed to get the itinerary for the week long doctor appointment last Friday in the mail. It still has not shown up.
We are so used to Lucile Packard being so on the ball. We're able to directly e-mail the PH nurse, Michelle and she gets back to us either that day or the next. We're able to call the doctors, leave a message on their phone and either they or their nurse calls us back within a day or two. But we have not been able to have such easy communication with this hospital and it is so frustrating. 

Perhaps this is merely a problem with the department in charge of appointments that are a little unorganized. I keep hoping that once we meet the doctors and nurses, my family will get actual contact information so they can talk to them directly when we need to. I am hoping that once I meet the transplant team I will be reassured, but as for right now - I'm unsure about whether or not I should trust a hospital that can't even send out a piece of paper telling me what time to show up for my appointment. 

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