Asthma Update

Glad to announce that my asthma problems seem to be getting better! My cough isn't dry anymore and it is finally feeling looser now. On top of that, my O2 sats have gotten up to a higher number which is good. I stayed home most of the week from school because walking across campus would've been impossible to do and I was not in the mood to wear oxygen to my classes either. 

Winter is typically a bad time of the year for me and my asthma, especially with colds and flu going around. I'm just hoping since I got my asthma troubles done and over with this early into the winter season it's all done and over with and I won't have anymore problems. 
Just a quick heads up to my readers, I will be editing the layout and theme of this blog. It might be a little bit of a mess for a few days but I promise to get it finished soon. I'm already getting into the Christmas spirit, so this new theme will reflect that! Yes I know it's only November but I'm too excited for Christmas to wait too much longer. 

Hope and Love,


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