Gearing Up For Winter and Thanksgiving!

Glad to announce that I have finally picked a Christmas/winter theme for my blog! It's a few days early and we still have Thanksgiving to go through, but I'm already in the spirit. However, the weather here doesn't seem to be feeling the same way. I told my mom that I was going to be re-organizing my closet and move all of my summer clothes into storage and get out my winter wear, then she reminded me that Thanksgiving Day is supposed to have a high in the 80's... so I kept a few of my summer clothes out of storage just in case winter decides to stall a bit longer. 
We'll be having 40 or so people over for Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year. Even for us with 14 siblings, that's a record! I've been working for the past week and a half or so on making sure my salt intake has been low leading up to the big feast so I can have more than on serving of mashed potatoes. Thankfully it's been working and my weight has been low, which means if I eat a little more salt on Thanksgiving it shouldn't push me over the edge water retention wise. 

I may not be able to post on Thursday, since we will be pretty busy (as I'm sure most of you will be!), but I plan on posting a Thanksgiving themed post on Friday. I hope all of you have a great holiday! 

Hope and Love,


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