I Just Want a Phone Call

We were supposed to hear back from the surgeon sometime this week, so my mom kept her cell phone with her at all times. Every time it rang or buzzed, our anticipation rose and we all looked over at her with an expecting face. My heart would swell with hope every time it went off, only to be deflated each time. When I'd wake up in time for school, I'd ask if she heard from him. It was always a no. I'd come home from school and ask if he called. It was always a no. Every time it was a let down that dragged my family's and I hearts lower and lower. The knots in my stomach get tighter with each passing day that we don't hear back from him. My shoulders slump from the weight of the unknown everyday. I just want an answer. Every time she shook her head sadly and told us it was just one of my siblings calling, or someone selling something. It was never him.
It's great that I don't need the transplant right now. But what I need to know is if the surgeon is for sure leaving UPMC and am I able to follow him to the new center? Will the new hospital accept me? Will I have to go through all those time consuming and sometimes painful tests? Will my family and I have to go through another grueling week of tests with months of nervousness and fear leading up to it? What is going to happen? Please, just call and tell me. An answer, even one I don't want to hear is much better than the uncertainty of no answer at all. 

I just want a phone call. Is that too much to ask for?



  1. I like your blog. I too have been chronically ill since childhood and listening to other peoples stories helps keep mine in perspective. Best wishes and hope you get the best medical care possible.


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