Possibility of Ablation

As many of you know, my mom and I went up to California to see my doctors and have a few tests done. Let me start with the good news of the visit.
My 6 Minute Walk Test was better than the one we took about 2 years ago. My BNP (the numbers that measures heart failure) has been trending down according to recent blood draws (although we are waiting to hear back about the blood draw we took yesterday). The ECHO test the doctors said: “Looks the same.” My Thyroid numbers look good as well. The past 2 days I’ve been “A-Flutter” free, which is a type of arrhythmias.
Now for the not so good news… I have been having A-Flutter pretty much ever day since the 14th of August. (With the exception of the past two days). This is concerning because it can cause clots – which it already has made one. I now have a clot on the lead of my ICD/Pacemaker, which I did not have before. I will now have to start Coumadin again, which means I will have even more bruises than I already do. The hope is that the Coumadin will slowly help to dissolve the blood clot so it doesn’t have a chance to break off and go into my lungs. If my arrhythmias continue like they have been, I will need to have an ablation. We have discussed an ablation before, however at the time to risks did not outweigh the benefits. We are now at the point where the doctors believe the benefits of the procedure now outweigh the risks. I am tentatively scheduled for the procedure on September 30th, with the hope that by then the blood cot will either be dissolved or solidified enough to the lead that it will not dislodge when my heart is “zapped”. I am scheduled for a Pacemaker check in 2 weeks to see if I am still having the arrhythmias. If I am not having them, or at least not having them as much as before – then we will put off the ablation. If I am still having them, or they are getting worse, then we will proceed with the ablation.
Our hope is that the Coumadin will help dissolve the clot and that my arrhythmias will stop or at least slow down.
A quick FAQ: 
1. Will the Coumadin help with the arrhythmias? No. Coumadin only helps to make sure I do not form anymore clots and hopefully get rid of the current one.
2. Can we up my arrhythmia medication? No. We asked that yesterday. I am on the highest dose possible without giving me anymore Thyroid issues. On top of that, the medication I’m on now can cause pulmonary issues and we don’t want to risk that by adding more of the medication.
3. Does the ablation get rid of the blood cot? No. The ablation is only to get rid of the arrhythmias. You do not want to go in and shock the clot because that can dislodge it and send it a part of the body we don’t want it in. (Such as my lungs).
4. Did the clot cause the arrhythmias? No. It’s the opposite. The reason for my arrhythmias could be because of the way one my heart surgery was done years ago. For older patients with TOF like me, we tend to have A-Flutter because of the scar tissue caused by the way our heart was cut into.
If you have any questions that I didn’t cover, feel free to ask. Thank you all for your love and support, it means more to me than you’ll ever know.


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