Thank You to 100+ Women Who Care

On October 25th a heart friend of mine and I went to a meeting for an organization called "100+ Women Who Care". We went to thank them for donating money to the Nick and Kelly Kid's Heart Fund. For those of you who don't know, Nick and Kelly is a non-profit organization in Arizona that helps families and children with CHD. For years they paid the way for hundreds of Arizona kids to go to heart camp in California and within the past three years have now started a heart camp of their own here in Arizona. 

I have been part of the Nick and Kelly Heart Fund since I was seven years old and I couldn't be more grateful for them. It was an honor to speak to a room full of women, telling them about my journey and how Nick and Kelly has helped me through it all. When my friend Shelby spoke first to the group, I felt myself tearing up. I realized in that moment that if it hadn't been for Nick and Kelly, I wouldn't have gotten to meet one of my best friends. 

People talk about how camp gives kids a chance to just be kids and do things that they never thought they could; like climbing a rock wall or go canoeing. But I think the greatest thing that camp gives us as CHD patients is the community and instant connection we feel when we are surrounded by people just like us. There is an instant bond between us all that doesn't go away. 

So I want to thank 100+ Women Who Care for donating to Nick and Kelly so that they can continue to help families and patients with CHD join this wonderful community. I cannot thank Nick and Kelly enough for what they have done for not just myself but for all my heart friends, but I can and will gladly do my part to help them continue making differences in the lives of CHD patients. 

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