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I haven't posted in a while and it's for some amazing reasons. The good reasons that I haven't posted is that I have been so busy living life.

My sister got married up in Oregon in March! It was cold but so beautiful; it was drizzling and freezing cold when I officiated the wedding, so my sister told me to "Keep it short." I think the guests appreciated that, ha! It was a beautiful setting in a place that means so much to our family. I am so honored that they trusted me with their special day, so thank you to the bride and groom for letting me be part of such a magical occasion. 

I've also been busy getting ready for the upcoming camp session this summer! Last year was my first year as a camp counselor at Nick and Kelly Children's Heart Camp and I plan on going again this year. I felt so fulfilled when I came back from those 5 days and I felt like I had found my purpose again. When I had to leave school and knew I wouldn't be able to become a therapist, Nick and Kelly's camp and the CHD community was there for me. I had found a way to help chronically ill children without compromising my health to the regimen of school. Being on the planning committee for this upcoming camp session has kept me busy in the most amazing way while helping me feel like I am actually doing something with my life. 

LoveIAM is an organization that I've also been working with for the last few months. They have hosted a gala benefiting Nick and Kelly for the past 5 years. This year I was fortunate enough to be asked to be on the planning committee and have really enjoyed getting to be involved in this amazing fundraising event. The gala was on April 27th and I was honored to be asked to speak near the end of the night. We raised an estimated 100k that night and I want to thank all the donors, attendees and volunteers who made this night such a huge success!

It is because of LoveIAM and Nick and Kelly that I have found my purpose. I thought that because I couldn't go to school, I wouldn't be doing anything with my life. I was frustrated and embarrassed. What would I tell people when they asked what I was doing with my life? How was I going to help people if I couldn't get my Masters in Pediatric Psychology? I know that I was born to help children and families who have chronic and/or terminally ill children. These 2 organizations have given me a way to do that, even though I'm sick. I cannot thank them enough for helping me to see that I can have a purpose in life, even if I'm not healthy enough to go to school.

I was also grateful to be invited to speak to first year medical students about the patient experience over at U of A. Now my family and I are ASU fans, but we decided that this was a good enough cause to put the rivalry to the side for a moment in hopes of helping future patients. It was amazing for me to sit there and give these potential doctors advice on how to treat a patient and their family instead of just the disease. I hope that they got something out of it and will use it in their future practice, wherever they may end up.

I want to thank LoveIAM and Nick and Kelly for all of the amazing opportunities they've given me these past few months and I look forward to working with you in the months to come! Thank you, for helping me find my purpose.

Hope and Love,


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